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"delivering affordable Marketing to small business!"

The Marketing mix of Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People together with an integrated business strategy is the perfect platform to launch new communication activities and events. What’s more is that we will not bamboozle you with Marketing speak and jargon, just plain old fashion English!

Win new customers with us by taking advantage of our Low cost Marketing services and by following the process with us below;
a) Invitation to introductory coffee! Followed by…
b) Low cost “brain storming session”
c) Low cost communications plan
d) Low cost initial 3 month management of communication vehicles and campaign measurement
e) You receive a formal working quotation for any deliverable actions required.
f) YOU decide your priorities and the way forward.

Please see below some brief examples of our latest customers across the diverse Leisure, Building, Alcohol, and jewelry sectors where we have worked closely to expand their customer base, increasing business turn over and supplying various back up support services when required! | |
Customer testimonials and references available upon request.

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"Win customers with us."